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03 April, 2014

"How London are you?" By Cassie Susemihl

Cassie Susemihl has devised a quiz incorporating some hints and tips about places to explore, to find out whether you've become a true Londoner or are nostalgic for your American comforts...

26 March, 2014

The Workstudy guide to: Cardiff

Something different...a guide to the Welsh city of Cardiff. Thanks Kelsey McKim!

The Workstudy guide to: Venice

Studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to travel, however, deciding where to go and what to do is tough! This is the first post of a very special 2014 series: The Workstudy guide to (some of) Europe's nooks and crannies! Its aim is to give you an idea of some of the amazing places you can visit and how to make the most of your trips. First up, Venice-thanks for the tips Erica Moriarty!

06 February, 2014

Raining: Cats and Dogs

By now, you have probably realised that living far from home is one of the most liberating and exciting experiences ever. However, it can also be overwhelming and strangely lonely. Especially on rainy days.

03 February, 2014

Portugal Porreiro (Cool Portugal)

Some of you are going to Portugal this term. Excellent news. Portugal is one of the most curious, underrated, cheapest and most charming places on the planet! I could ramble on about its beautiful winding streets, shrieking fishwives, monstrous meat sandwiches and other worldly bookshops…but I won’t! Here are a few key tips for travelling in Portugal. Aproveite.

18 December, 2013

An Adventure Called London…

**NEW blog post alert** After a few months of downtime we are aiming to get Elsie back to her former blogging self. January 2014 not only brings a new year and a new semester but we also welcome a new addition to our administrative team, Jess. Another one. We just like to keep you on your toes! Jess #2 is a true Londoner and here she introduces herself to you and gives you a flavour of what this great city is all about...